Some see a distribution center...
We see 12 ways to save you money in 3 major operational areas!
Some see simple commodities...
We see areas were we quite possibly could help you save and stay "green"
Some see the ultimate consumable...
We see an opportunity to get creative, leverage buying power, and outside the box solutions


Superior was founded on providing appropriate, affordable and creative solutions for packaging problems.


Our customers have been and will always be at the forefront of why we are in business. We are second to none in Customer Satisfaction.


To stay competitive, we constantly strive to help our clients reduce costs where possible, as well as provide options to the business.

& Flexibility

We pride ourselves in our ability to take most any problem, and find a solution where most can’t – we are not just order takers, we get involved in your business and think outside the box.

Superior Mission Statement

In a business perceived to be a “commodity business” - Superior stands tall due to our continual creativity and flexibility. Our mission is to provide superior products, excellent service with unparalleled response times. ~ Bernard Garman, Superior Founder and President